Danzig JGA Kidnapping image

JGA Kidnapping in Danzig

JGA Kidnapping in Danzig

Was ist inklusive?

  • 2x Kidnappers (Polen)
  • Mini Van
  • Strip club Eintritt
  • Table reservation
  • Special stage strip dance
  • 1Beer Each.
  • Überblick

You are walking the street, or leaning at the bar when suddenly 2 large guys grab your stag and throw him into the back of a car and drive off. Sound like some eastern Europe nightmare?


No, you just scaring him to death! After a short ride while the rest of the group moves to the strip club meeting point your stag will arrive blindfolded and then tied to a chair.


Music starts, you all shout surprise and a lovely stripper will dance for him. (2 strippers for larger groups).


Now, change his underwear and enjoy the strip club.

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